Wednesday, December 23, 2009

N-tchbl - DEVOTION 005 (December 2009) on

Genre: Deep and dark progressive
Time: 63min
Type: Exclusive monthly show, ep.005

1. ID - ID
2. Santiago Deep Aka Doopgrade - From My Soul
4. Dockoff & D.Deluxer ft. Ofra Haza - Kol Haneshama (Andrez remix)
5. Andrez - Black Hair Brown Eyes Cool Tattoo (DJ Ico Double D Remix)
6. ID - ID (Lucas Tesselhoff Remix)
7. Frangellico - My Last Letter
8. Marcelo Vasami - Secrets


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

N-tchbl - FRAGILE (December 09 promo) - as broadcasted on SERBIA UPRISING 09 on Pure.FM


Genre: Progressive Tech
Lenght: 65min
Bitrate: 192kbps

001 - Andrez - With Aid (original mix)
002 - Andrez - off The Season (original mix)
003 - dPen - Yesterday Morning (10am mix)
004 - The Stain - Battle Of The Quarks
005 - The Stain - Something In The Dark (Original mix)
006 - Nemanja Kostic - Orion (Original mix)
007 - Henry Saiz - Madre Noche
008 - Kenneth Thomas - Wish You Were Here (Solarity remix)
009 - Radiohead - Reckoner (Henry Saiz's vocal mantra remix)
010 - Moshic - How To Pure Madness feat. Aviram (Original mix)

Download SERBIA UPRISING 09 broadcasted version

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

N-tchbl - DEVOTION 004 [November 2009] w/ Aural Frequency

Genre: Techno | Progressive
Time: 1h 4min
Bitrate: 192kbps
Type: Exclusive PureFM show, Ep.004

001 - dpen - after that day (original mix)
002 - dpen - yesterday morning (original mix)
003 - The Little - Wrong Note (Original Mix)
004 - Andrez - Cold Sand, Empty Beach (DJ Ico & Double D Remix)
005 - blinky feat jake s - monday morning (seedy jazz and eeemus still rockin revs remix)
006 - Diaz, D. Deluxer - Nocturnal Dreams (Andrez Remix)
007 - dr k. and nii vs shiha feat sarah blacker - am alive (martin roth home is where we belong remix)
008 - Sultan and Ned Shepard - Roads Under Ramallah (original mix)
009 - Mario Peres - Foog (Andrez Remix) CDR

DOWNLOAD - N-tchbl - Devotion 004

Visit for details

Thanks to Marco Elizalde aka. Aural Frequency whose Guestmix was broadcasted as a part of this episode on PureFM!
Much Love!

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

N-tchbl - SELECTED 005 Guestmix (November 3rd 2009) on


Genre: Progressive
Bitrate: 192kbps
Time: 63min
Type: radioshow exclusive guestmix


Peace and Love,

Sunday, November 1, 2009

N-tchbl exclusive for LOSING GRAVITY 1st Anniversary @ (October 31st 2009)

blog stigmata

Genre: Deep and Dark progressive
Lenght: 58min
Bitrate: 192kbps


Thanks to STIGMATA (Rima Taha and Ziad Haddad) for inviting me to be the guest and share the honour of celebrating the 1st Anniversary of their show on Overdrive Underground radio, wish you all the best in the future and many many great shows like this !

Peace and Love,

Monday, October 19, 2009

N-tchbl - DEVOTION 003 w/ DJ Alexandar (October 15th 2009) on

N-tchbl - DEVOTION 003 [October 15th 2009] on Beattunes

| Progressive Tech | 61min | 192kbps

001 - dpen-novox
002 - dpen-nightworx
003 - kahraman-free_for_all_(original_mix)
004 - jaydas-oicor_-_original_mix
005 - antix_-_the_hoard_(dousk_rmx)
006 - damian_lazarus-spinnin__sasha_remix
007 - dj_borra-episode_of_1990_feat._maria_mioko_-_original_vocal_mix
008 - the_quasar_-_world_beach_(2009_mix)
009 - t-lectual_-_midnight_star_(original)


Thank You for all of Your support,
enjoy this massive pack of new sounds!!!

Special thanks to:
DJ Alexandar, Pure.FM radio station and for all they've done and still doing for this show to be the way it is!!!

Peace and Love,

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

N-tchbl - DEVOTION 002 w/ Deeper Moments on Pure.FM [Sep.17th 2009] on

N-tchbl - DEVOTION 002 [September 15th 2009] on Pure.FM

Genre: Dark Progressive | Deep Tech
Bitrate: 192kbps
Size: 82mb
Time: 1h 01min


001 - Makossa and Megablast - Ufo [GIGOLO235BEA]
002 - Dont and Prins Mysjkin - Amalek (original mix) [DNT001]
003 - Dave Seaman - Gobbledygook (Mode remix) [AT047]
004 - Vito - Gloominess (Fetish remix) [PROMO]
005 - Dave Seaman - Wrong Side Business (original mix) [RENX067X]
006 - Neftali Blasko - Future and Past (Original Mix) [PROMO]
007 - Troy Hall - I Want You (Troy..s dirty stalker mix) [TKC060]
008 - Dropout - Lisergia [OFFAUDIO062]
009 - Od Muzique and Mark Holmes - Kickdown [KWT029]

DOWNLOAD N-tchbl from
Listen N-tchbl on SoundCloud

My personal Thanks to all of You who were listening,
and also special Thanks to Krisztian aka. Deeper Moments for taking a part in this episode! Pure.FM broadcasting this exclusively and releasing it as the monthly podcast!

See You next month for DEVOTION 003!!!
Peace and Love,

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

N-tchbl - SUBLIMINAL 003 - Let There Be Light on InsomniaFM [September 15. 2009]


Artist: N-tchbl
Time: 1h
Quality: 192kbps
Genre: Progressive


Autodidact feat. laura - Az En Zenem (original mix)
makossa and megablast - ufo
marcos paz and gabuci - negat
escadia - elevatioin
escadia - aquamarine
relaux - how will i (Silence o phobia vocal mix)
donna summer - i feel love (santiago deep remix)
ali inzel - innocent thoughts (original mix)
moby - pale horses (gui boratto remix)


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Sunday, August 30, 2009

N-tchbl - Exclusive for DEEP VISIONS 1st Anniversary [August 2009] on Pure.FM

Genre: Deep and Dark Progressive
Lenght: 1h
Quality: 192kbps


Broadcasted on Pure.FM as an Exclusive set for "DEEP VISIONS 1st Anniversary" hosted by Tino Deep on August 29th 2009. at 1pm GMT | 2pm CET | 5am PST

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Monday, August 24, 2009

N-tchbl - DEVOTION 001 [August 2009] on - broadcasted on Pure.FM [August 20th]


Artist: N-tchbl
Title: DEVOTION 001 [August 20th 2009] broadcasted on Pure.FM
Genre: Deep and Dark Progressive
Lenght: 1h 57min


With special thanks to and Pure.FM ! ! !

blog BT

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

"DEVOTION" by N-tchbl - new Exclusive monthly show on Pure.FM!!!

"DEVOTION" by N-tchbl,
the New and completely Exclusive one hour show hosted by N-tchbl only on !

In one hour, "DEVOTION" will be presenting You the best of deep and dark progressive sounds, promoting new releases as much as bringing the old good stuff back in life.
In cooperation with great producers and labels well known in the world of deep and dark progressive, "DEVOTION" will try to bring you the best of it and show that undergound sound is still living and quite able to pump the proper amount of blood into your veins the way its been since early 90s!
The show's supported by many from our darkened little progressive piece of world, so stay tuned and feel the DEVOTION!

Every 3rd Thursday

1st hour - N-tchbl
2nd hour - Guestmix

13:00 PST (Los Angeles, Seattle, Las Vegas)
21:00 GMT (London, Lisbon)
22:00 CET (Belgrade, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Madrid)

only on progressive chanel of Pure.FM

Radio Web -
Listen -
Catch the set later -

Additional artist info:

Saturday, June 13, 2009

DJ Alexandar & N-tchbl - TERMINAL VELOCITY 003 - Part 2 (June 2009)

Click the link below to download the full 120min set or visit MCast - Mercury Server for further artist and mix info + voting for the mix, if desired.
Have a great listening!


(Duration: 1:58:38 — 162.9MB)


FREE DOWNLOAD - N-tchbl Part 2 only

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

N-tchbl - SUBLIMINAL - monthly exclusive show opening!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Every 3rd Tuesday,

18h GMT+2 (Belgrade, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Madrid)


Additional artist info:

N-tchbl | i:FACE Agency | Serbia

Monday, June 1, 2009

N-tchbl @ Deepsessions - Episode 009 guestmix [1.june 2009] on Pure.FM


Broadcasted on 1st of June 2009. on Pure.FM

I'm not planning on sharing tracklists anymore,
this is some kind of a last time.. cuz i wanna show a HUGE respect to a couple of artists i played this time,
particulary Krisztian & Hassan Rassmy.. as they deserved it by being GREAT producers and great friends.. and great people overall :)

N-tchbl - Deepsessions - Episode 009 - 1. june 2009.

Genre: Deep and Dark Progressive
Lenght: 58min
Quality: 192kbps


1. Jake Benson - I'm Alone feat. K-Lee (original mix)
2. Fady Ferraye - A Girl With A Cello On A Bike (original mix)
3. David Kassi - Paralyzed In Heaven (Big Al & Dr Tang Re-Dub)
4. Dj Taucher - Just Like You (Nicholas Van Orton mix)
5. Topo & Mirel J - Voice From The Underground (Robert K & Krisztian remix)
6. Freya - You Don't Know (Hassan Rassmy & Sarp Yilmaz remix)
7. Carl Jurgens - Tulip Sunset (original mix)
8. Faskil - Rezi (Bambaat Remix)


2 sets more coming this month,
keep it dark.. keep it progressive!!!

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Sunday, May 31, 2009

N-tchbl - Subliminal Cacophony (i:FACE June Promo)

there are 2 sets of mine upcoming in next two weeks,
i didn't plan to ever record this one, cuz i already have 2 sets for recording in a shiort time - Deepsessions guestmix + MCast appearance..

..but Yes,
i've had the strange night last night and i didn't find any other way to expose the feeling i've had inside, except ... music,
so i recorder this.

It's called "i:FACE Promo" cuz of 2 following reasons:

1 - cuz i want ppl to pay attention to the sound i:FACE Agency DJs are promoting, and i want ppl to pay attention to those other DJs by checking the links leading to i:FACE on the upper image promoting this set;
2 - cuz the sound you'll hear in this set is not the usual sound you can hear in my latest sets, it's not dark, it's not darker, it's far away from my darkest sounds. I call this the "i:FACE part of mine", 2nd part of my musical being.. this is it, progressive house with a complete different emotion than the one i have in the rest of my sets, but again, the same.. emotion of mine - N-tchbl.

enjoy it!

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Genre: Progressive House
Lenght: 62min
Quality: 192kbps

1. Sonorous - Last Sunday (Topo LMK Remix)
2. Christos Fourkis - Paradise (original mix)
3. Logiztik Sounds & Audiobill - The Light (original Mix)
4. Distant Fragment - Last Star (original Mix)
5. Ismail ft Shiha - Only You (dr k and nii vs shiha 2009 remix)
6. Dibby Dougherty - Se7en Bells (lank remix)
7. Saray C & Elio Riso - I Will Be There Feat. Claudia Kennaugh (T Tommy & Carlos Garcia Remix)
8. Leventina - Naked (incognet remix)


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Saturday, February 28, 2009

N-tchbl - A Story Of The Leftbehind (february 'o9)

N-tchbl - A Story Of The Leftbehind (february 'o9)- presented on Mindscapes 073 @ Pure.Fm -


Genre: Progressive
Lenght: 61min
Quality and Size: 192kbps / 85mb

1 Be As Deep - I Hear Voices
2 Christos Fourkis - Dreamcatcher (original mix)
3 Atmos - Skintrade
4 Bobby Deep - Let us dance (original mix)
5 Bobby Deep - Love Me (original mix)
6 Mono - Fake In (original mix)
7 Jay Lumen - Heureka (original mix)
8 Kliment feat. Nujuja - Memories Of A Picture (original mix)


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Monday, January 19, 2009

N-tchbl - ..when i lose myself (november 'o8)

..contest winner of Serbia Uprising! on Pure.FM presented by

Genre: Progressive
Quality: 192kbps
Size: 88mb
Lenght: 65min
01 - Depeche Mode - Only When I Lose Myself (acapella)
02 - Moshic & Omb - Tokyo Taxi (Tokyo mix)
03 - Fady Ferraye - Psycho Kinetic Moon (Kintar Remix)
04 - moshic - heaven feat. jorden (prog mix)
05 - Alanis Morissette - Uninvited (Yvel & Tristan Remix)
06 - moshic - tetwan
07 - moshic - ananim
08 - Unique - Lassan Elhiszem (Aya Mavra rmx)
09 - Nymph - Butterfly (Moshic Vocal Club Mix)


N-tchbl | iFACE, friskyRadio, Beattunes

N-tchbl - Anima (september ’o8 promo)

Genre: Deep & Dark Progressive
Length: 60min
Size: 81mb
Type: Exclusive

1. Facundo Mohrr - Road (original mix)
2. Marcelo Vasami - Synacruza (original mix)
3. Hassan Rassmy - Egyptian Evening (john hellson's apollo mix)
4. Giusy Consoli presents Marco Bonuso & Ali Farahani feat Sima Bina - Persian dream (vocal mix)
5. Portishead - Roads (sultan and the greek remix)
6. Victoria Rebeka & Maindave - Silent Pleasure (minoru hirata & ezequiel marotte remix)
7. Mango - She Was Here (kintar remix)

More info about my music on Beattunes

N-tchbl | iFACE, friskyRadio, Beattunes

N-tchbl - From The Deep.. (may 'o8)

genre: progressive
playtime: 80min
size: 109mb
quality: 128kbps


01 - Depeche Mode - Waiting For The Night (Ariel vocal mix)
02 - Pole Folder - Mona Kea (Human Adams remix)
03 - Maxime Dangles - Tulipa
04 - Natlife - Obscurity
05 - Paul Kwitek - Black Ocean (Kintar remix)
06 - Sikk - Muezzin (Phunk Investigation remix)
07 - Eelke Kleijn - Monsters Of The Deep (Dubfunk remix)
08 - Alanis Morrisette - Your house (Kintar dark remix)
09 - Sumantri feat. Plural - Tell Me (RPO and Eric Entrena remix)
10 - Kintar - Cyclone


" "From The Deep.." - a new mix from N-tchbl (Serbia). Not without a reason bearing the burden of the deepness in it's title.

Deep, dark and in some moments frightening sounds it's generating, assuredly lead you to only one question: "Where has the light dissapeared?"
And why?
This is something we were not used to hear in so-far-made sets by this talented lady, but certainly, this IS the most mature mix she's ever made! In the choice of the tracks smoothly following one another, in even more smooth mixing of them, in the emotion she's provoking while she's leading your thoughts to the deepest depths of her 80 minutes long craving - it is possible to hear it!
"From The Deep.." has approved one certain thing and is leading to one even more certain conclusion: she's becoming a serious artist in an area of progressive, which is, you must addmit, not an easy thing to do at all. Check it out by yourself, you surely won't regret.."
- Dj-Electrohouse team

N-tchbl - Illusions (april 2008)

Genre: progressive house
Playtime: 68min 52sec
Size: 98mb
Bitrate: 192kbps

01 - The Droyds - All I Ever Wanted (Dusty Kid Needs Love Mix)
02 - And If Feat Alison Limerick - Finest Dream (Manuel Tur Around Dub)
03 - Funabashi feat. Angelina - The Shelter (Original Mix)
04 - David Vendetta feat. Rachel Star - Bleeding Heart (White Rabbit Mix)
05 - Swen Weber - Maya (Original Mix)
06 - Karim Haas - Inside Me (Abel The Kid and Raul Ortiz Remix)
07 - Evolution Feat. Jayn Hanna - Walikng On Fire (Original Mix)
08 - Delerium Feat. Leigh Nash - Innocente (Falling In Love) (Deep Dish Gladiator Mix)
09 - Z2 - I Want You (Vocal Mastered)


N-tchbl - After 2 Sessions (september 2007)

Genre: deep/progressive house
Length: 67min 17sec
Size: 61mb
Quality: 192 kbps

01. Velvet Girl feat. Anita Kelsey - Satisfy (club mix)
02. Chris Micali - Not To Stop
03. Gregor Tresher - A Thousand Nights
04. Robbie Rivera - Float Away (Dubfire's Casaplex remix)
05. Pete Moss feat. Terra Deva - After 2 (Satoshi Tomiie mix)
06. Dave Dresden - As The Mandarine Girl Comes (DD mashup V5)
07. Blue Foundation - Sweep (16 bit Lolitas vox)
08. Kasey Taylor - Trapped (Chris Micali remix)
09. Kristin Mainhart - Broken Girl (V-sag broken heart remix)


Sunday, January 18, 2009

N-tchbl @ Liquid Sessions [] - 29.august 2007

Genre: progressive house
Lenght: 64min 15sec
Size: 88mb
Quality: 192 kbps

1 - 68 beats - replay the night (gabriel and dresden mix)
2 - gus gus ft. daniel agust - moss (tim deluxe remix)
3 - tiesto - do you feel me
4 - kirsty hawhshaw meets tenishia - outsiders (cosmic gate remix)
5 - Dyad 10 - sugar sweet thing (tocadisco remix)
6 - deepdish - we gonna feel it (extended mix)
7 - Sharam - The One
8 - Sharam - Be The Change
9 - Above and Beyond - Liquid Love