Friday, February 18, 2011

N-tchbl - DEVOTION 019 (February 17 2011) w/ Sebastian Garuti (Argentina)

N-tchbl - DEVOTION 019 - MY LOVE SIDE - February 2011 on
Genre: Progressive House
Time: 62min

Published exclusively on

Sebastian Garuti - DEVOTION 019 Guestmix (17/02/2011) on Pure.FM
Genre: Progressive
Time: 53min

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

• N-tchbl FB Profile + Facebook page disabled •

Hello friends,
And obviously some foes :)
I have been informed by Facebook support team that someone has reported my profile in last couple of days under the parole of "violating Facebook privacy policy" and a statement that "I have been using a fake name", and as a result of that, both my personal profile and artist page, which was administrated via my personal profile, were disabled late night yesterday.

I don't have any means of fighting left for this awkward situation anymore,
Since I've tried to explain to FB Team by several e-mails that the reason for disabling my profile is completely surreal, since "Marija N-tchbl Nikolic" hides nothing else but MY real name and MY DJ alias.. that wasn't enough for them and as a feedback i got only this:
"If your account is disabled, please note that the Platform team cannot re-enable your account." so..
..someone has made it to his/her point - mission complete, you have my profile and pages disabled and I cannot bring it back anymore - congrats! But I'm more than a Facebook profile and music does not die this way!

I will not open another account for now so all I have to say,
Thank You, for being the best support on both FB pages I've had, for all your Love spreaded there and for the sake of that and my personal feelings towards music I am not gonna stop it because of this, just will not get back to Facebook anymore except a potential fanpage at some point of time but not now, and only cuz of You out there.
Someone's been stronger than me for whatever reason, I don't really care and I don't wanna know why.. and more than anything else this is a HUGE FACEBOOK FAIL but life goes on and music can never die, I'm happiest with it and life overall more than ever and I am not going anywhere. :)

Stay tuned to my Official Website - - and this blog in here altogether with the links posted below to be updated of my upcoming sets and gigs and see you around! :)


To all of the collegues, musicians, DJs, Producers, Management people that were cooperating with me via Facebook, Labels, Blog owners, Radio station fellas and all the rest of cooperators - please use my e-mail for further contact --- !!!


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