Friday, March 25, 2011

N-tchbl - DEVOTION 020 (March 17 2011) on PureFM w/ Pagen (Serbia)

N-tchbl - SIYA
Exclusive for 3rd Anniversary (March 2011)
(broadcasted as DEVOTION 020 on PureFM)

Genre: Deep and Dark Progressive

Time: 64min

Pagen - DEVOTION 020 Guestmix (March 17 2011) on PureFM

Genre: Progressive, Melodic Techno
Time: 61min


Dear friends and followers,
As you may already know, I've started my new monthly show under the name "Subliminal" on friskyRadio this March, and due to that, I am obliged to shut down my residency on PureFM.
This is not a matter of anything bad, just a simple thing of "growing up" in a way,
There's nothing bad behind this story and I will be appearing still on PureFM on various guestmixes probably, it's just the thing that I cannot run two author shows both on friskyRadio and PureFM and that's it, natural I guess.
If you got scared about "Devotion", and yes.. I did, at first :)
It's not going anywhere!
If you were following me back in time and previous years, you know that "Devotion'' primary homebase was and still is, so, there's nothing to worry about:
"Devotion" stays on Beattunes as an exclusive podcast STILL praising underground music!
The only consequence in here is that the broadcasts on PureFM on 3rd Thursdays are not gonna happen anymore and Devotion will be a monthly thing with no particular schedule or order, when I have HQ underground music I make a set and it's Beattunes's exclusive right to publish it as it's podcast :)
Hope you have understanding for this,
And keep on following because - "We are not annonimous - we are underground!"
It's all about music, no matter where it's playing!