Monday, January 19, 2009

N-tchbl - From The Deep.. (may 'o8)

genre: progressive
playtime: 80min
size: 109mb
quality: 128kbps


01 - Depeche Mode - Waiting For The Night (Ariel vocal mix)
02 - Pole Folder - Mona Kea (Human Adams remix)
03 - Maxime Dangles - Tulipa
04 - Natlife - Obscurity
05 - Paul Kwitek - Black Ocean (Kintar remix)
06 - Sikk - Muezzin (Phunk Investigation remix)
07 - Eelke Kleijn - Monsters Of The Deep (Dubfunk remix)
08 - Alanis Morrisette - Your house (Kintar dark remix)
09 - Sumantri feat. Plural - Tell Me (RPO and Eric Entrena remix)
10 - Kintar - Cyclone


" "From The Deep.." - a new mix from N-tchbl (Serbia). Not without a reason bearing the burden of the deepness in it's title.

Deep, dark and in some moments frightening sounds it's generating, assuredly lead you to only one question: "Where has the light dissapeared?"
And why?
This is something we were not used to hear in so-far-made sets by this talented lady, but certainly, this IS the most mature mix she's ever made! In the choice of the tracks smoothly following one another, in even more smooth mixing of them, in the emotion she's provoking while she's leading your thoughts to the deepest depths of her 80 minutes long craving - it is possible to hear it!
"From The Deep.." has approved one certain thing and is leading to one even more certain conclusion: she's becoming a serious artist in an area of progressive, which is, you must addmit, not an easy thing to do at all. Check it out by yourself, you surely won't regret.."
- Dj-Electrohouse team

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