Sunday, May 31, 2009

N-tchbl - Subliminal Cacophony (i:FACE June Promo)

there are 2 sets of mine upcoming in next two weeks,
i didn't plan to ever record this one, cuz i already have 2 sets for recording in a shiort time - Deepsessions guestmix + MCast appearance..

..but Yes,
i've had the strange night last night and i didn't find any other way to expose the feeling i've had inside, except ... music,
so i recorder this.

It's called "i:FACE Promo" cuz of 2 following reasons:

1 - cuz i want ppl to pay attention to the sound i:FACE Agency DJs are promoting, and i want ppl to pay attention to those other DJs by checking the links leading to i:FACE on the upper image promoting this set;
2 - cuz the sound you'll hear in this set is not the usual sound you can hear in my latest sets, it's not dark, it's not darker, it's far away from my darkest sounds. I call this the "i:FACE part of mine", 2nd part of my musical being.. this is it, progressive house with a complete different emotion than the one i have in the rest of my sets, but again, the same.. emotion of mine - N-tchbl.

enjoy it!

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Genre: Progressive House
Lenght: 62min
Quality: 192kbps

1. Sonorous - Last Sunday (Topo LMK Remix)
2. Christos Fourkis - Paradise (original mix)
3. Logiztik Sounds & Audiobill - The Light (original Mix)
4. Distant Fragment - Last Star (original Mix)
5. Ismail ft Shiha - Only You (dr k and nii vs shiha 2009 remix)
6. Dibby Dougherty - Se7en Bells (lank remix)
7. Saray C & Elio Riso - I Will Be There Feat. Claudia Kennaugh (T Tommy & Carlos Garcia Remix)
8. Leventina - Naked (incognet remix)


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