Tuesday, February 28, 2012

N-tchbl - SUBLIMINAL on friskyRadio 2h Exclusive Show Opening - March 2011

SUBLIMINAL is not a kind of show you are supposed to listen backwards to get it's point, thoough it's title makes you think that way. There's nothing diabolical in here, no higher forces to turn your world upside down. Music itself speaks it's own unique language that no other phenomenon is using, nor is able to express those tiny sublime particles of one's soul as only music can do it.
Uncover your SUBLIMINAL every 3RD Monday at 06AM PST / 09AM New York only on friskyRadio!

Official SUBLIMINAL on friskyRadio page - http://friskyradio.com/shows/?id=192

Artist: N-tchbl
Type: friskyRadio Exclusive Show
Genre: Progressive
Time/Quality: 1h59min | 320kbps 44100 Joint Stereo


N-tchbl | iFACE, friskyRadio, Beattunes

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