Monday, July 19, 2010

N-tchbl - DEVOTION 012 1st Anniversary (July 2010) w/ SHIVA (Lebanon)

My monthly exclusive project DEVOTION!!! has came to it's 1st Anniversary! After eleven episodes of pure underground sounds, ten massive guestmixes and ten great artists' collaborations and DEVOTION project being as popular and passionately followed as i've never dreamed it will be, it's now time to celebrate! This month, DEVOTION will spread it's passion on two fields:

• N-tchbl - DEVOTION Episode 012 1st Anniversary on Pure.FM Radio w/ SHIVA (Lebanon) •

This month i have the greatest honour to be supported by one of my biggest influences, one of the best female DJs on the planet, and certainly - the biggest Queen of darkened underground scene - SHIVA!!!

I'm sure she needs not too many words, everything that can be said about this passionate Lady is possible to be heard in what she does the best - her music - and i'm sure that, with this guestmix i've got for DEVOTION Anniversary i have one dream less to fulfill in my life and i'm sure many of you feel the same due to lots of demanding e-mails and cravings for hearing the two of us playing together in some way, so.. this is the least we can do for you now!

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N-tchbl - DEVOTION 012 1st Anniversary [July 2010] Exclusive for
Genre: Progressive House | Progressive
Time: 150min
Quality: 192kbps

Available Exclusively on: !!!

SHIVA - DEVOTION 012 1st Anniversary Guestmix (July 15 2010) on Pure.FM

Genre: Dark Progressive
Time: 60min
Quality: 192kbps

Download -

THANK YOU ALL for being a part of the year behind me,
For staying true to Devotion,
For following it.. and making it the biggest project of mine so far!
The first, but not last year.. let's have a race with time and grow with Devotion!!!

N-tchbl | iFace, Serbia


  1. I was recently on a road trip and guess what.. your past podcasts gave me company.

    I'm right now listening to the Beattunes mixset (and working) for July and it's amazing.

    And it's cool to see you and SHIVA team up.. Probably a set with Rasti would be nice.

  2. Thank you, John! :)
    Glad to hear my podcasts are making roadtrips around the globe.. hope you enjoy the future ones also! :)

  3. P.S: I'm off to Santa Sussana, Spain for the whole of next week.. and taking your August mix along ;)

    Btw.. let me know if you have any plans to visit Riga, Latvia? Would love to be at the club you be spinning at.

  4. Amazing tunes, I do like you! Create more great music, I keep my finger crossed. Good luck!

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